Was zum…

…??? Zweifingerbärte? Stockkämpfe? Auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff?!? Und SEHR viele (oft SEHR unnötig[?]) nackte Frauen?

Willkomen zu “Kung Fu Zombie”:

“Kung Fu Zombie”? “KUNG FU ZOMBIE”?? “KUNG FU” & “ZOMBIE”???


“Pang, a martial artist, foils a robbery and sends thug Lu Dai to jail. Desiring revenge, Lu returns to the town and hires Wu Lung, a Taoist priest, to raise several zombies to fight Pang. The plan backfires when Lu is killed by his own trap. His ghost then haunts the priest and demands to be resurrected. Kwan Wei Long, a serial killer, enters the town looking to duel with Pang and is seemingly killed by him. Happy to find a suitable corpse, Wu Lung attempts to put Lu Dai’s spirit into Long’s body. Long, however, is so evil that he is reanimated as a free-willed vampire. When Pang’s father dies, the priest uses his corpse to host Lu’s spirit, but the ceremony is interrupted, and the thug and Pang’s father share control of the body. Pang must now defeat the vampire and his father’s possessed corpse.”

Quelle: Wikipedia


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