Angla subtitoloj…/Englische Untertitel…

…für “La surplanediĝo“! Vielen Dank, Peter!

Die “Englisch – Maschinelles Transkript” Untitel lesen sich übrigens, als wenn sie einem Text von Captain Beefheart entsprungen wären:

“to you lyn is is it a little

and uh… i


not an unusual masa as the
legal moses awk four you dick

deep dish every product

preventing detail the due date

it didn’t recall talking to people moses
yo adrienne but they’re not that simply

mitchell as local knowledge of the game
or not

featuring asking for that to you by
louis only s_s_ haiti g_i_a_ weakens the

bond on my new deal

speaker events

kato kaelin’s

into that aspect of the new york

media stages

week alone is mean sulekha net is wide
indexes kite that and see what it

depends on scs

past few years

hoping it stays killer there but he
didn’t know if he does

renewal of lease for the use of art

really happened all last night lynn
pauline eugene me money laws

media has dubbed the year new york

needed lots of money

for the noted that he does the phone and
that was me

density amongst us next as the

you have a lot going on for the last
month mahim

for the people you in my lifetime
defense kimball

not leading to is that we could not tell

locally so nobody knows

fled the

faulty leavin follows last week that
would be

fuel get through t_v_’s will not have to
get alone found

he did have a site that even

he still plenty teachers

secrets of the region success of

bicep nl provided us ten years of any
major successes

that’s where u_s_ doesn’t rest on major
deduct any restocked ras despite our

kirkland sumita

view this ’cause that’s what they desire

saloni not dot on april

duties he was she will

demanded that scene”

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